Using Smart Databases to Grow Your Client Base

Your business has taken off and you are gradually building up your client base. However, there are some ways to build up your database that is easier than others, so if you want to build up a smarter client database read on to find out how.

Using Databases to Inform Marketing Decisions

Data-driven companies are often among the most productive and competitive thanks to having a wealth of information right at their fingertips through information they have collected in databases. However, customer information is not always easy to get your hands on and generally, some enticement has to be done to get that information from the customer in the first place. There are many ways that restaurants, pubs, cafes, beauty salons and such can gather data, such as surveys and competitions, but some ways are easier than others.

Offer Free Wi-Fi To Gather Customer Information

As mentioned above there are tools that can be used to help gather information about potential customers. Such as competitions offering a discount to the winner or surveys can be used for data collection. But what if customers do not want to enter or take part? Well, this is the case most of the time so one of the most valuable tools is social Wi-Fi. But what is social Wi-Fi, what are the benefits of using this method for data collection and what data can you expect to get?

Companies such as PoweredLocal can work magic for businesses such as cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and pubs by giving owners the opportunity to offer customers free Wi-Fi. Social Wi-Fi can work almost like magic as through it business owners can gather contact details of anyone using the free Wi-Fi on their business premises automatically, along with your customers referring friends and all without you having to do anything.

It’s not difficult to allow customers to sip their drinks or eat, whilst connecting to your Wi-Fi. But what do you get out of it? Well with a special device that is plugged into your modem you allow customers to use your wireless network and when they do they automatically share a check-in on Facebook, along with giving you their details. This means you not only get valuable Facebook check-ins, but you also get contact details on your database.

When customers use the Wi-Fi you will get valuable information, including:

· Email address;
· Name;
· Date of birth;
· Home location;
· Number of friends on Facebook;
· Interests on Facebook;
· Gender;
· How many visits they made to the same location;
· And more.

All of this is valuable information that has been collected easily and can be used to your advantage for marketing.

How to Take Your Marketing Data Collection to the Next Level

So now that you have data how do you use that data for analysis and marketing?

· Information gathered while customers were using your free Wi-Fi will have included the customer’s date of birth and you can use this to your advantage to send a Happy Birthday message via email, which could include a voucher for a free cup of coffee, money off or something related to your business;

· You can use their gender to specifically target customers, with different campaigns for men and women;

· Find their most influential friends based on their Facebook friends and work out a strategy for introducing them back to your brand;

· Use how many times they have visited to your advantage by offering them exclusives or even sending a thank you note, offering that personalized touch;

Michael Jankie is chief executive and co-founder of PoweredLocal, an end-to-end provider of Wi-Fi to small businesses.

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