Social Media Marketing for Hospitality

Social media marketing has quickly grown into the most effective way for businesses to create a personal connection with their clients and drive engagement and sales in an unprecedented manner. More than 2.46 billion people worldwide use some form of social media.

What does this boom mean for the hospitality industry? Put simply, social media marketing is the key to attracting potential guests and growing your business in the hospitality industry. Let’s deep dive into more about its importance, and discover how hotels, resorts and bars can capitalize on this growing phenomenon.

Lacklustre social media use is costing your business money

Within the hospitality industry, the statistics for businesses who don’t use social media are alarming. Sprout Social revealed that 75% of people purchased a product or services just because they saw it on social media. Of that 75%, almost 61% had to see a post up to 4 different times to make a purchase.

From this we can conclude that the more visible your business is on social media, the better it will be for your bottom line. Assuming that your business has a social media page, if 75% of them purchased from you today, what effect would that have on your business? The greater your reach on social media, the more profitable that scenario would be for you.

However, this begs the question: “Is creating a social media account and posting pictures from time to time all that I need to do?” The short answer is no. The accessibility of social media means that there is more competition than ever for the eyes and ears of your target audience.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out, however. You just need to utilize the power of effective social media marketing. Here are a few ways how.

Effective social media marketing for the hospitality industry

So what can businesses within the hospitality industry do to take advantage of the massive opportunity that social media lays before them?

  1. Ensure that all your social media profiles are filled out and up to date. Did your business recently change locations or undergo a branding change? All of this needs to be reflected online. Also, if your business has more than one location, adding them all allows you to target specific segments of individuals in your locality. This creates engagement on a more personal level.
  2. Don’t bombard your followers with purely promotional posts. Your aim should be to create a genuine connection with your audience, not sell to them at every available opportunity. Many social media users complain about this as a pet peeve of businesses on social media.
  3. Choose a social media network that your clients and guests use the most. Instagram is focused around pictures, while Facebook caters to those who enjoy communication as well. By choosing the right social media platform to focus on, you can work on curating an account that appeals to your target audience in the most effective way.
  4. Don’t be afraid to switch it up and try new things. Social media marketing requires fresh content and a huge dose of ingenuity to keep things profitable. Your business in the hospitality industry has to be committed to staying current, and transferring your core values into different vehicles that appeal to your audience.

Success is possible, it just requires insight and effort

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people make decisions to support businesses solely because they saw them on social media, or they use what they seen on social media to make a decision. The hospitality industry is no different.

Think about this. What changes can your business make today to capitalise on the opportunity that social media marketing presents?

Michael Jankie is chief executive and co-founder of PoweredLocal, an end-to-end provider of Wi-Fi to small businesses.

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