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100+ of the worst/best Wi-Fi network names / battles / haikus

I work with Wi-Fi. I’ve seen thousands of network names. My company, PoweredLocal, has literally created thousands of network names.

So I have been planning this post for a while, but working in startups mean that I’m ideas rich, but time poor. So I had the awesome team at Speedlancer help me collect and categorise some of the best Wi-Fi network names.

I should note, these images are full of profanity, sex, racism and general stupidity. I’ve provided them in good humour, but don’t read if you are offended easily.

Here goes.

Are you making a statement asking a question?

We understand, you’re not using PoweredLocal and fed up that people are sitting there using your Wi-Fi


Grammar, whose is write?

We all have our favourite TV & movie lines. With Wi-Fi the geeks rule but so does comedy.

My Mum calls me all the time with simple technology questions.. Seems there are lots of frustrated children helping out.

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours.

By far the biggest category, the sheer density of apartment towers means lots of Wi-Fi networks. And what a great way to (semi-)anonymously f*uck with those around you? Lots of crude networks going down here..

Politics, something Wi-Fi network names were created for.

I think its because of this anonymity that people feel they can really be as crude AF. This collection is some of the more messed up network names.

Think you’re Pun-ny? these guys are Pun-ny.

Our fave is `Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi`

God is everywhere. Even on your router.

Imagine, lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep, then this shit pops up. FML


Feeling musically challenged?

Finally, for all you vegetarians

Michael Jankie is chief executive and co-founder of PoweredLocal, an end-to-end provider of Wi-Fi to small businesses.

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