Google Analytics + PoweredLocal. A data nerd’s dream.

At PoweredLocal we strive to deliver a highly valuable level of service. Sometimes it means making it easy to measure and justify.

That’s why we are introducing integration between Google Analytics and PoweredLocal to generate traffic source report for your marketing campaigns. This integration also allows you to track the impact of the PoweredLocal on your online conversions.

Integration Details

Now all the traffic from WiFi devices is coming to your website tagged with:

Source = poweredlocal;
Campaign = device ID.

To see how many users visited your website after checking in through PoweredLocal WiFi follow the steps:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics Account, the one that the Wi-Fi logins redirect to.
  2. On the left navigation menu go to tab “Acquisition”.
  3. Open section“All Traffic” and select “Source/Medium”.

4. You will now see on the Analytics dashboard, all your Source/Medium combinations. One of those would be poweredlocal / wifi.

5. To check the Wi-Fi access points where the traffic came from, you need to apply secondary dimension campaign.

Apply `Campaign` as a the secondary dimension to check multiple access points

PoweredLocal is the #1 source of traffic to many of our customers websites. We hope this is true for you too :)