Five Ways Social Media Can Protect Your Brand

The Internet has entered its golden age where it has assumed the mantle as being the most important communication tool the public and businesses utilize every day. With this rise comes the simultaneous opportunity to vastly improve your company’s market awareness and standing while also, on the same hand, being able to eliminate it from the market entirely. The trick to getting the good option is to leverage social media in a positive and open manner. Here are five ways social media can be used to grow and protect your corporate brand.

Leverage Your Asset to Grow Your Social Media Presence

Few people spend their days friending every company they visit. As a business owner, it falls upon you to give customers the incentive needed to open their social media profile to you. One of the easiest ways to do this is to give them something in return. A discount or free service is often snapped up instantly, making it a quick and easy way to expand your marketing database.

One popular method is to offer public Wi-Fi with a captive portal entrance through specialized routers like PoweredLocal. Users login to the network and receive free data, in exchange they provide the business with increased social media recognition and opportunities to interact with consumers. Each click solidifies your company’s reputation online, making is easier to entice those on the fence into visiting your location.

Get Real-Time Feedback on Customer Service

By leveraging the access gained through the captive portal you can obtain feedback concerning how your business is performing. Simple questions on social media can bring in a deluge of responses, providing you with the opportunity to spot missed opportunities for growth. In the event that something went wrong, this new avenue also gives you an additional opportunity to utilize effective customer retention strategies to mitigate the fallout of a bad experience.(2)

Spread the Word About Special Offers

There are few things more likely to get people to stop by than a limited time sale. Send out a message on social media stating that all that mention the add will get a certain percentage off, and ask that the recipient spread it around to other interested people. This will help drive traffic to your store and highlight how effective your social media outreach efforts really are.

Example of email outreach to customers

Discover What Customers Really Want

Social media is a two way street, with customers being able to reach out to you as readily as you to them. Invite them to provide insights as to what products or services you should offer in the future. This will make it easier for you to gauge interest before devoting capital to the experiment. Consider your social media inbox a free way to gain insight into the minds of your most loyal consumers.

Discover When Things Change

Social media is often the first indicator many businesses have when there has been a fundamental change in the public’s attitude towards the company. If it’s good, interest spikes. If bad, it really spikes and might make the news. If it drops off, it just means you need to reach out to consumers and see what you need to shake up in order to get their attention again.(4)

Get Your PoweredLocal Wi-Fi Router Today

Take the first step into integrating social media into your consumer outreach efforts by offering clients free Wi-Fi through PoweredLocal. Our team of dedicated networking and communication specialists is ready to help you get the most out of your new Wi-Fi hotspot, growing your consumer database while obtaining key data to improve your business every day.

Michael Jankie is chief executive and co-founder of PoweredLocal, an end-to-end provider of Wi-Fi to small businesses.

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