Building documentation websites is trivial with Swagger and Gatsby/React

Most modern applications provide API documentation in the form of a website so that third-party developers can build integrations and extensions.

Since we are using Microservice pattern here at PoweredLocal, our product consists of a bunch of small applications written in different languages. Nevertheless, creating a documentation website proved to be a trivial task!

Every of our microservices (small applications) is implementing Swagger-compliant API documentation endpoint. In other words, it can describe its own exposed controller methods using a commonly understood language (Swagger).

So, three simple steps to get a nice looking API documentation website:

  • Automatically export Swagger-compliant JSON documentation from every application, based on class/method annotations in the code;
  • Copy these files to Gatsby folders and import them in the corresponding React components;
  • That’s it — every resource now has a good looking page, rendered using a very simple React component.
Good looking API documentation based on open-source theme

You can see the result here:

And it’s open source:

An example of a Gatsby page/component:

import React from 'react'
import { config } from 'config'
import documentation from './swagger.json'
import Swagger from 'components/Swagger'
import DocumentTitle from 'react-document-title' = {    
title: 'Devices'
const Page = (props) => (
<DocumentTitle title={`${} | ${config.siteTitle}`}>
<Swagger documentation={documentation} prefix={config.apiUrl} />
export default Page

Load Swagger documentation from a JSON file, pass it to the component in a prop and that’s pretty much it.

About us

PoweredLocal is a Melbourne-based wi-fi innovation startup. We host PHP, Ruby and Node.js microservices behind our newly baked API gateway.

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Written by Denis Mysenko, Chief Technical Officer at PoweredLocal

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